Juliana Schiel, a dancer and actress from Brazil working with movement and mime, performs her piece Danaë, in Paris.  Danaë is born from a work combining years immersed in the careful study of the works of Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, integrating the gestures and stories of the artists' works and other classic art and mythologies. Coming into and out of form, Juliana plays with formal and informal elements of the works of inspiration; the form and the universe that is brought to the form, how it is built, how it was created, how they were. 

Danaë was built in this universe of artists and I am revisiting that universe, photography engaging as another research of how to give discourse in yet another aesthetic, within and stemming from the elements offered in existing images. Photography - the photograph - becomes an extension, a continuum of the life cycle of the piece, the original piece, and Idea. Something which is regenerating. Pieces weaving together emitting new form.

- Victoria Wilde